10 Services we provide when Selling a Home

  • Evaluate your reason to sell

We will want to talk about your goals for the next 5-10 years
Help weigh the pros and cons of selling your house
Talk about if it is the right time with the local market to list it
Assess if you can afford to sell
Calculating your home equity or the cash you will walk away with
Calculate the value while researching the local housing market
Explore remodeling the home you have now fit your needs or refreshing your interior

  • Provide an estimate on selling expenses

Help explain why you will pay about 7% to 10% of the home’s sale price in closing costs
We will look at repairs and projects that might be needed to sell for the highest price
We can also help in estimating the costs of those repairs if needed

  • Plan your selling strategy

Speed in which you want to sell your house
Explain how time of year will affect the number of buyers in the market
Look at your home’s features and benefits that will help guild how we will promote it

  • Determining your home’s “Fair Market Value”

Uno has special tools to research public records and collect information
Look at homes in your area that in the past few months and are currently for sale
We can also talk about pricing strategies such as pricing low to urge a bidding war in.

  • Advertise and marketing

List your house on MLS listings
“For Sale” signs
Put ads on controlled social media
Email notices to real estate agents, coworkers, and our network of followers
We will take photos of the home
In some cases, we can create a virtual tour of your home

  • Preparing your home for listing

Identify necessary repairs that will need to be made
Look at improvements that you will consider making to improve the sell
Look at the home’s external attractiveness when viewed from the street
Make suggestions on how to declutter, depersonalize and decorate
Evaluate painting interior rooms neutral colors
Lastly help you consider replacing outdated lighting fixtures and window treatments

  • Set up showings and open houses

Be the point of contact to take appointments
Set up a lockbox so other agent can show and see the home
Talk about holding an open house for real estate agents

  • Examine offers

Present each offer price to you, when approved preapproval letters
Consider contingencies for multiple offers
Propose a closing date and offer expiry date

  • Negotiate and counteroffers

Look at each offer as an opportunity to negotiate the best deal
Consider buys conditions they will want satisfied for buying
Help guide you through on offer with contingent on selling a home
Offer financial incentives that don’t require cash out of your pocket
Look at include furniture, appliances, treatments or fixtures to close the deal

  • Getting through closing at the title company

We can represent you at the appraisal and home inspections
Select a title company who will:
Order a title search
Request payoff information for your mortgage and other liens on the home
Prepare and record documents
Hold and disburse funds
Prepare closing statements
Represent you in the final walk-through inspection
Assure you receive copies of all your documents