Comprar un dúplex

Si la idea de comprar una propiedad en el área de Orlando le atrae, pero no desea un gran desembolso inicial de efectivo, comprar un dúplex puede ser su mejor opción.

Un dúplex es una casa o una casa adosada con entradas separadas, generalmente para dos, diferentes residentes o familias. Los dúplex en el área de Orlando son una buena inversión por varias razones:

En primer lugar, si decide vivir en un lado del dúplex, puede alquilar el otro lado a los inquilinos o a los viajeros de vacaciones. Este acuerdo le proporcionará ingresos adicionales para pagar su hipoteca más rápido haciendo doble pagos, o reducir a la mitad el monto que adeuda en su hipoteca cada mes. Por ejemplo, si compra un dúplex y el pago de su hipoteca es de $ 1,800 por mes, puede alquilar el otro lado por $ 900 por mes.

En segundo lugar, muchos dúplex en el área de Orlando están ubicados en vecindarios más accesibles, pero siguen siendo muy convenientes para comercios minoristas, escuelas, atracciones turísticas y centros médicos. Poseer un dúplex en un área más asequible de Orlando puede atraerlo por razones financieras obvias; sin embargo, también es una excelente manera de duplicar los ingresos de su alquiler si elige alquilar ambos lados, o para abrir su dúplex a los turistas vacacionistas.

En tercer lugar, si tiene un miembro de la familia mayor que necesita ver de vez en cuando, pero que todavía es bastante independiente, un dúplex puede ser adecuado para usted. Su ser querido, que podría alquilarle un lado del dúplex, está tan solo a un golpe de distancia que puede proporcionarle a ambos la tranquilidad que tanto necesita.

En cuarto lugar, si decide convertir su dúplex en una fuente de ingresos de alquiler, puede cancelar muchos de los gastos relacionados con la propiedad y la administración de su propiedad. Estos gastos pueden incluir intereses sobre su hipoteca, depreciación, reparaciones, gastos de viaje y el costo del seguro. Puede haber otros incentivos financieros, como la capacidad de cancelar los gastos relacionados con una oficina en el hogar, consultas legales y servicios de contabilidad.

Los profesionales de Uno Realty Group pueden ayudarlo a encontrar el dúplex adecuado para usted en un vecindario deseable y más asequible. Los precios dúplex en el área de Orlando generalmente comienzan en el rango de $ 190,000 y más. Muchas propiedades cuentan con hermosos jardines, fácil acceso a tiendas, restaurantes y atracciones, y algunas han sido recientemente renovadas para aumentar su encanto y atractivo para compradores de todo tipo. Muchos están convenientemente ubicados cerca de lagos y áreas recreativas.
Como expertos en bienes raíces internacionales, el equipo de Uno Realty Group trabaja casi exclusivamente con clientes de Sudamérica, la mayoría de los cuales son brasileños, y entienden completamente sus necesidades de seguridad y su deseo de contar con el más alto nivel de servicio al cliente. .

Si crees que un dúplex es adecuado para ti, comunícate hoy con Uno Realty Group.

Home Rental In Orlando While Vacationing

When two families, longtime friends, decided to vacation together one summer, there was only one destination which had everything to offer all their interests — Orlando.

Sam and Tracy Hull*, of Texas, and their preteen daughter Sarah*, started planning the vacation of a lifetime with another couple, Mark and Cammie Varden*, of North Dakota. The Vardens had two pre-teen daughters, Amy* and Kendra*, and the three girls were eager to catch up on each other’s lives since the Vardens had relocated to North Dakota from Texas years ago.

“We knew we wanted to meet in Orlando and stay a week, but we really didn’t want to stay in a hotel,” explained Tracy Hull. “We didn’t want to deal with noisy neighbors, the stress of parking or a crowded swimming pool. We wanted a more home-like environment. A place where, at the end of the day, we could all kick back and relax together. The girls wanted to hang out poolside, and we adults wanted to catch up with one another without having to traipse down to a public pool to keep an eye on our girls.”

The Hulls and Vardens believe they made the right decision in choosing to stay in a rental home instead of a hotel while on their trip of a lifetime in Orlando.

“Renting a home just made more sense to us,” explained Sam Hull. “There, we could all relax together in the family room or watch a movie with the girls. The place we rented had a screened-in back patio with a private pool where, each night, our girls enjoyed swimming and spending time with each other while we adults could watch them from the family room. It was the perfect set up for us.”

The two families rented a home near all the major attractions of Orlando such as Disney World®, Universal Studios®, NASA, Sea World® and Busch Gardens®. It was also only a short drive to the beach on Florida’s Atlantic side where Tracy celebrated her 44th birthday.

“I’ll never forget that birthday, for sure,” Tracy said with a laugh. “It was wonderful to spend the day at the beach, enjoying the company of our friends and our girls along with the natural beauty of the ocean and the uncrowded beach. But, the best part about that day was coming back to our rental home instead of a hotel room. Our friends cooked dinner for us that evening, and even surprised me with a birthday cake! We certainly couldn’t have done that in a hotel room.

“It was so much like going to visit them in their home, rather than in an impersonal hotel room,” Tracy added. “Each family took turns planning and cooking our meals in the full kitchen, and there were plenty of bedrooms and baths to make things so comfortable for all of us. Plus, we loved having our own laundry room!”

While each family was on a limited budget, the cost of sharing the rental home wasn’t much more than staying in a hotel would have cost them for the week. For the Hulls and the Vardens, the little extra they paid for the rental home was well worth it.

“It truly was the vacation of a lifetime for us, and I can honestly say that staying in a rental home instead of a hotel was the best decision for all of us,” Tracy added. “We even tossed around the idea of our families going in together to buy a home in Orlando and rent it out on a short-term basis for other families looking to vacation like we did. Who knows? We might just do that one day!”

*The story is real, but names have been changed.

Interested in Short-Term Rentals in Orlando?

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Uno Realty Group understands your need to get started on your own American dream right away. That’s why we offer short-term rental properties that you can rent to people like the Hulls and the Vardens on vacation in Orlando.

Short-term rentals are a great way to get started in making the move to the United States where we can help you with building or locating the property, assisting with the interior décor, finding a trusted management company, setting up an LLC, and putting you in contact with professionals like lawyers and accountants who speak your native language. Short-term rentals can be profitable for you as well. Contact Uno Realty Group today about getting started with a short-term rental property.

Orlando is numero uno when it comes to the top vacation destination in the United States for travelers with families,

Orlando is numero uno when it comes to the top vacation destination in the United States for travelers with families, according to a recent article in the  .

                  “There’s no other city in the United States – the world, even – that celebrates childhood quite like Orlando, Florida,” according to the article titled “Best Family Vacations in the USA”.

“The feeling that you get when you catch the light off Epcot Center’s Spaceship Earth (found in Walt Disney World Resort®, of course); or from your first sip of Butterbeer in Hogsmeade (located inside Universal Orlando Resort®); or when you witness the soaring heights of Shamu’s flips (during the One Ocean water show at SeaWorld®) – all prove that being kid is about your state of mind, not age,” according to the article.

“The notion that only young ones will enjoy this city’s charms is just that – a notion. In reality, Orlando has a little of this and a little of that to appeal to all ages, and there’s more to do here than visit theme parks. The subtropical climate is great for golfing and the downtown city landscape is too attractive not to explore,” the article contends.

Who can argue that Orlando doesn’t have a great climate when the Central Florida city averages 233 days per year when the weather is predominantly sunny?

According to  , Orlando also has a Comfort Index of 81 out of 100 where a higher number is better. (The average U.S. Comfort Index is 54.) The Comfort Index takes into account the average daily highs and lows and the number of days annually that the temperature range between 70 to 80 degrees. It also penalizes cities where there is excessive humidity when summer dew points are high.

Because of the great climate, Orlando is home to a variety of outdoor forms of sports and recreation: Hiking, golfing, paddle boating, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, and kayaking are only a sampling of what the city has to offer visitors and natives alike. Plus, the weather is perfect for other outdoor activities like farmers’ markets as well as pub and wine crawls, year-round. There’s also a vibrant eco-tourism industry in Orlando for those interested in birding and other nature-inspired activities. As an added bonus and only a short drive away, the Atlantic Ocean beckons visitors with its serene settings and sand-castle-building fun on uncrowded beaches sure to please young and old alike.

              If Major League soccer is your passion, you’ll love Orlando, home to the Orlando City Soccer C lub Lions (men’s) and the Pride (women’s) teams! The teams play at Orlando City Stadium, 655 W Church St, which opened with the 2017 season.

                  According to, Orlando has plenty offer any traveler seeking adventure. Of course, there are the family-friendly theme parks to explore in the city known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World.”®

                  The website touts the classic Magic Kingdom® at Walt Disney World® Resort to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at Universal Orlando® Resort, saying: “There’s a world for everyone to escape into! Experience a wonderland of ocean animals at SeaWorld® Orlando. Discover fun for the whole family at LEGOLAND® Florida. . .or sneak a peek behind the scenes with VIP theme park experiences,” the website added. “The parks always find new ways to create lasting memories, year after year!”

                  Besides the major attractions and theme parks, Orlando also has a bustling arts and culture community, plenty of nightlife and entertainment opportunities, major retail and boutique shopping venues, and much more just waiting to be discovered.

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We are the experts in knowing the local market, including the schools, the services available, the amenities of the various, gated communities, some with a 24-hour security guard on site, as well as some neighborhoods with swimming pools, tennis courts, clubhouses, and more.