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We value the worth of your time and effort during a real estate transaction. This translate to knowing who you are, the goals and desires for your success. We do this by listening to you and then offering our expertise in real estate. Many have found that once you are empowered with a clear goal and professional advice your confidence in the process is great. Allow our staff to assure you that we have your best interests in mind at every moment.


Alex Howell
Chief Operations Officer
Alex started his real estate career in 2002 when he opened his own mortgage company. He grew his one man start up office to a staff of 16 that covered almost all central Florida. He received recognition for being in the top 10 franchises out of 126 in less than 4 years. That is when one of the 5 biggest banks in the United State recruited him to become an area manager and Vice President. He enjoyed working in many different areas including selling, managing, training, and finally project managing. After leaving the bank in 2012 he once again opened another small business that grew in customer satisfaction by a 3rd party oversite to be in the top 1% in his market.

His passion for helping other achieve their goals is always on his mind. He does this through listening and discovering what people want, and then developing a plan to get what they want.

CONTACT: +1.407.717.4357

Janaina Pinheiro
When I arrived in Orlando, my first professional experience was with the real estate market. I worked with realtors, many of them working in the reallocation of Brazilian families in the USA. So, I fell in love with this market, because I realized that we were offering much more than just the service of buying and selling a property. A Realtor works with a performance of dreams, achievements and a quest for a better quality of life.
I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a postgraduate degree, with an MBA in retail of goods and services and I have completed specialization courses in Europe and USA. With more than 15 years of experience in the services market, I realized that I could add this baggage and help people through something that I identified myself as a real estate broker.
The Florida real estate market stands out among the investment options of Brazilians who dream of living or making an investment in the country by buying houses for rent or earning extra income from them. In recent years, this number has grown more and more, and that has arisen a greater need for qualified realtors to attend this audience in a customized way with total excellence and commitment.
With my communication skills and experience in optimizing results, I always try to understand the goals and plans of my clients not only to sell a property, but to help them to find the ideal property that will meet the fulfillment of their dreams and financial growth. If you have the dream of living in the USA or investing in estates here, you can count on me. I will be more than pleased to help you.
I do what I can to make my clients happy because that is the ultimate high and goal anyone in this industry should have. I want to make these relationships last not only until the deal is done but lifelong.
CONTACT: +1.817.673.2020

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